Worried About Going To School

It’s under a month until I go back to school. The excitement that I had for going back for the past couple of months has turned into the fear and social anxiety about being back for the first time in a year.

I love learning and working on new things, but, two years ago I found myself burned out. I was working, took classes, and held positions as a student rep on the Education Council and Board of Governors for North Island College. I was emotionally drained from everything that I did. My depression flared up, A couple of months before I tried to walk away from everything. Then I decided that I needed to take time off.

Peter_SelfPortrait Good
I got to learn cool programs like Photoshop

I loved my classes and my professors were great. I learned a lot about design and media. That’s something that makes me excited about going back to school. All the learning about coding and programming the past couple of months have made me excited about going back as well. Getting good at programming and starting my own business next year are two things that are driving me to go back.

I worry about going back. No matter how much I tell myself that I won’t overburden myself with leadership opportunities. Back to design blogs later in the week.

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