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swift apprenticeTwo months ago I began learning the Swift programming language. I read the book “Coding iPhone Apps for Kids” by Gloria Winquist, then wrote a blog piece about it. The book was a good introduction to the language. I began slowly learning how to code my own iOS apps.

Last week I started to read “Swift Apprentice” by the Team. This book is the text for my class on Swift in September. It’s a little bit more complicated than the first book, but it explains the concepts better and goes more in-depth with them. It’s also helping to slowly get me into the game that I want to design for the second part of this course.

Speaking of my final project, I began to draw some preliminary sketches. These show how I want the app to look. I also know that there is a lot to learn before I can create the app. I want to design an app I can put onto the Apple store. “Coding iPhone Apps for Kids” taught me a little bit about game design, especially around setting up a game space, and characters. However, I need to focus on physics as well.

I already feel a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Hopefully, that feeling will pass.

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