Lego for Design

Why? That was a question I asked myself when I was 18. My mother gave away all the Lego that my brother and I collected since we were toddlers because we hadn’t played and built anything with them since we were 8 years old. I was more interested in writing and acting, throughout high school, than with building things.


The start of a new Lego collection

I didn’t understand how Lego could be used creatively until a month ago. I always thought that they were only for play. However, there is an amazing amount of Lego design inspiration on Instagram, Twitter, and blog sites. From architecture to robots, to fantastical creatures you can find almost any build online.


A month ago, there was also a great humble bundle package from No Starch Press, in amongst their books on maker culture and programming they had four books on Lego Design. These books included “The Lego Technical Idea Book Simple Machines” and “The Lego Technical Idea Book Fantastical Contraptions” by Yoshihito Isogawa that provide great ideas on using Lego for design.

A week ago, I bought my first box of Lego in a long time. It’s another avenue of creativity that I want to tap into while building and designing other things. I know it will help with creativity especially when I have some free time from school and work. It also helps me get into another cultural spectrum that I have been looking at, maker culture.


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