Thumbnailing Logos

It wasn’t until my second semester that I fell in love with thumbnailing my designs. Like many other students, I never understood them. I just wanted to design, not create pre-

Working on Thumbnails helps to create ideas for the finished design

designs. Many believe that it wastes our time, time that could be better spent doing something else. We were wrong.

Thumbnails are short sketches of what could be. They’re like brainstorming, allowing you to push ideas to be creative and understand what you’re working on. When finished they allow you blend the short sketches together to create an entire design. For me they allow freedom. Freedom from my boundaries so that I can work to design concepts that I love.

I realize how useful a tool thumbnails are, and now I can’t stop using them. For every project, I create at least ten different thumbnails offering different ways of making a piece work. Cola Creative-01Looking at different sketches and styles allows me to pick the ones that I can work on and the others that l don’t like. Thumbnails give designers the ability to weed out good and bad choices.

I like simple and relatable logo designs. When I started Cola Creative 2_Cola Creative Logo Prototype 2 Black and Whitebrainstorming ideas for a media company I wanted to keep the design simple and fun. The first logo I came up with was trying to work the top of a soda can into a design. The second idea I had was using playing around with the letter C while using bubbles to create another logo.

When starting design school many students do not understand design concepts. Thumbnails help charge our creativity and learn the concepts that we need. There is a great way to begin any design.

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