Back to School I Go…

I feel the same way I did when I finished my Degree in Creative Writing, overburdened and creative. The classes I took at Vancouver Island University helped me grow as a person. Screenwriting and film courses gave me a passion that I had since I was a child. Those classes introduced me to new forms of digital media. When I took courses on Interactive Media at North Island College that passion transformed into a love for digital

Peter_SelfPortrait Good
One of my favorite school project pieces was a self portrait using images for IMG 103.

art and design.


The projects I worked on and learning coding was challenging. I knew it was something that I wanted to. I want to combine my writing degree from VIU with the Advanced Communications and Interactive Design diploma from North Island College to create a new media company. Still, there’s a fear that I’m too old. Too old to start my own company or for a job inside this field.

Still, the passion I found drives me. I took a year off from the program to refocus. I was emotionally and physically drained. I spent two years as a Board of Governor. Two years of doing leadership for the school that didn’t want me. I had no focus. That created problems with mental health. You can read about on my other blog.

Now I have goals. I will build a new media company. Something that I have wanted to do for a decade. I will finish the diploma, then go to Simon Fraser University for their Masters in Digital Media. While I build towards these goals I want to write about my passion for digital media and design as well.

This blog is about my journey in design and interactive media. It’s about what I’m learning, and how I’m learning it. I’ll be placing some school work and portfolio pieces on this site. There is a link to my other blog, on how I deal with depression and anxiety in the about section as well.

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